Du kommst hier nicht rein!?

Ich mag es nicht besonders, wenn mir eine Internetseite vorschreiben möchte, mit welchem Browser ich sie besuchen soll bzw. darf. Diese Seite gehört zu diesen Seiten, die scheinbar Benutzern des Internet Explorer 6 (oder tiefer) den Zutritt verweigern. Benutzerfreundlich ist etwas anderes, aber immerhin empfehlen die Autoren, man möge Firefox, Opera oder zumindest den Internet Explorer 7 nutzen.

Dumm nur, dass ich den Besuch der Seite genau mit letzterem probiert habe..

Da hat der virtuelle Türsteher wohl versagt. Wenn man schon restriktiv seine Benutzer selektiert, sollte man dies aber auch können.

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  1. 16:02, 27. Juli 2008Karel  / Antworten


    I am sorry for any inconvinience caused by the restriction. However, I do have strong reasons for blocking Internet Explorer 6 and lower (actually, I check only for IE 6). It is outdated and optimising a valid webpage for IE 6 and adding all those hacks to make it at least display is just too painfull – Fallout: BGE is a project made by volunteers, nobody pays me for maintaining the webpage, so give me a single reason why should I come through a procedure similar to dropping a soap in prison showers just because of Internet minority with unpatched old computers (probably with stolen operating system and spreading all that spam).

    Also, I suspect that you actually forged the screenshot, because I DID check the restriction with both IE 7 and IE 6, and as you can see bellow, there is no way IE 7 could be blocked unless it sends something problematic.

    RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} „MSIE 6“
    RewriteRule ^$ http://www.towerofcreation.com/ie6.html [R=301,L]

    Please send me (info at towerofcreation dot com) detailed description of your operating system (and any antivirus / antispyware / proxy software you might be running). I will try to solve your problem as soon as I get back from vacation (should be first week in August).


  2. 16:16, 27. Juli 2008Karel  / Antworten

    P.S.: sorry for any misunderstanding, my German is relatively basic and I did not use a dictionary, so I only understand something like 90% of the text.

  3. 17:50, 27. Juli 2008MG  / Antworten

    Dear Karel,

    you don´t have to argue why you want to ban certain browsers from your website. It´s YOUR website and YOU can choose the privilegded people who are able to view your site. I may not like your decision to ban certain users but I respect it.

    But I can guarantee you that I did NOT forge the screenshot you can see above. I followed a link from NMA and landed on that page. That was from the pc at my work. Just for the sake of it I opened IE7 on my private PC (Vista Home Premium with all updates and an unchanged IE7) and tried to open your page. Well, I ended up beeing banned for using IE6 or lower.


  4. 08:24, 28. Juli 2008MG  / Antworten

    Da hat er mich an der Ehre gepackt..


    The reason for blocking IE7 is that the browser send a http_user_string including the string „MSIE 6“.

  5. 17:32, 30. Juli 2008Karel  / Antworten

    It shouldn’t send such referer – I just checked again from my „testing computer“ (Windows 2003), IE 5.5 works, IE 6 is redirected, IE 7 works.

    In W2003, IE 7 sends:
    HTTP_USER_AGENT: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.2; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.648; .NET CLR 3.5.21022)

    So it cannot get caught. I don’t have Vista installed in VirtualBox so I can’t test it, only W2003+WinXP.

    I’m not sure why it sends MSIE 6 in your case – that’s definitely strange.

  6. 09:16, 1. August 2008MG  / Antworten

    I checked a W2K3-PC, too. With that PC IE7 sends another http-user-agent-string and is NOT blocked. But with both XP and Vista IE7 sends a string containing „MSIE 6 compatible“ and is therefore blocked.

  7. 16:59, 2. August 2008Karel  / Antworten

    I didn’t know that (read I didn’t check for such inconsistency between versions for WinXp, Win2003 and WinVista) – it should work (or, in your terms, fuck up) only MSIE 6 users.

    Also, you seem to dislike Firefox (Iceweasel) users:

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