Geld aus Simbabwe

Das hatte ich schon lange nicht mehr. Der gute, alte 419er..

Hello, good day and thank you for your time to read this message, May I introduce my self properly to you since we have not had any previous communication.

My name is Duncan Ferguson I am a former Banker and a financial adviser to Mrs Mugabe the wife to the former president of Zimbabwe. I have a very important proposal for you. I am in custody of some amount of money in my possession and now, I seek your esteem personality in all honesty to have it move once again and invested by you in any viable venture with return on investment (ROI) you will advise. This funds has no legal implications and there is no risk involve but we will spend money on Change of document, The Money which will be refunded at the end of transaction.(Both of us are expected to handle this transaction till finish

Upon your response and acceptance I will arrange an authorization document for you so that we get to know each other better before we swing into full actions of having the funds released to you as the funds beneficiary from the financial institution where its presently been deposited. I thank you for creating the time to read this and looking forward to a favorable reply.

I will contact you on Email for now. Your soonest response will be most appreciated.

Best Regards

eMail aus meinem Postfach

Ich fürchte, der gute Duncan Ferguson wird noch ein wenig auf meine Antwort warten müssen. Aber es ist schön zu wissen, dass diese uralte Form des Betrugs immer noch versucht wird.

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